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Growing up influenced by the Louisiana blues sensation and Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame artist Huddie "Lead Belly" Ledbetter, Willie "Boom" Rushing has been emersed in music his entire life.


Willie Boom started playing drums at the age of 5 on his grandparents porch in the Mooretown, LA.  Neighbors would wave and pump their fist to his beats as they walked by. His childhood friends would crowd around as his audience, as he pretended to play for the Jackson 5 or James Brown.  


Willie Boom's encouraging family harnessed this energy, invested in drums, sticks, and sheet music.   By the age of 11, Willie Boom was already studying timpani, xylophone, snare drum, and jazz.  After meeting Sunrose Rutledge (Gay Poppa) as a young child, Willie Boom became inspired to focus on stage band and live performance. Willie Boom's musical passion and curiousity continued throughout elementary, high school, and college, as he played in various Shreveport music festivals and drum competitions.


Willie Boom has played with multiple artists including Jimmy Lynch, Mary Griffin, Vickie Baker, Lamborghini, Jazz Etc., and Dirty Redd.  Willie Boom has also opened for several national artists including Lakeside, Gap Band, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Willie Clayton, and Bobby Blue Bland.   He has ministered as a drummer in several Baptist churches, and serves a drumming instructor.


While able to draw from a wide genre of styles, Willie Boom's major musical influences include:  Chuck Brown, James Brown, Trouble Funk, E.U., George Clinton, Maze, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Keith Moon.

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