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Born in Dallas, Texas, Christole "Chris" Jones began his musical studies at the age of 15. He began playing the upright  bass as well as the bass guitar in his high school orchestra and jazz bands. Under the guidance of his father, legendary blues artist Andrew "Jr. Boy" Jones, Jones began honing in on a skill that would make him popular on the Dallas blues scene.


By the age 16, Jones recorded on his first album with R.L. Griffin, one of Dallas' prominent bluesmen and nightclub owners.  

In 1997, Jones recorded on his father's freshman album,  I Need Time,  JSP records . Jones also recorded two albums with Grammy nominated producer Ron Levy.  Smokey Wilson's The Man from Mars, Bullseye records and Blues Across America (The Dallas Scene),  Cannonball. 


In 2006,  Jones recorded his second album with his father. Jr boy live, 43rd Big  Idea Records.  Shortly after, he entered into University of Texas Arlington Jazz Studies program, where he studied theory, ear training and composition. It was there that he met Kerrie Lepai, a history major at the time but also a well regarded musician in the Dallas area. Through their meeting, Jones soon became a part of Kerrie Lepai and the Shifters,  a  jam session with a melting pot of some of Dallas' most talented musicans.  


Jones began traveling and touring full time with his father.  In 2012, he recorded his 3rd album with his father, I know What It's Like, 43rd Big Idea records, featuring Kerrie Lepai. In 2014, Jones recorded on Lepai's Organic album featuring Andrew Jr. Boy Jones,  Julie Bonk, Shawn Ferris and Jamil Byrom.

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